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Introduction About Journal
Alfa Universal, an India based research journal is dedicated to publish the research materials of all fields of chemistry. It was established with a firm foundation in order to cover all the branches of chemistry and sub - disciplines like Pharmaceutical, Biological activities of Synthetic Drugs, Environmental Chemistry, Biochemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Agricultural Chemistry and many more.


Alfa Universal, an International Journal of Chemistry is published every four months from Delhi (India). We are proud to have been associated with the global science and chemistry as to contribute and deliver the innovative tools to the researches and other concerned worldwide for the advancement, productivity and effectiveness of the multidisciplinary research in science and technology.

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From Editor Journal Policy
It is indeed my great pleasure and privilege to extend a warm welcome to you at the arena of our esteemed International Journal of Chemistry, Alfa Universal. This journal has been established in order to keep a long term goal in mind to facilitate the researchers......



The author(s) are requested to send the manuscript without leaving any spelling error and in view of all the standards set in the “Instructions for Authors”/Authors' Guide section...


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Authors' Guide Publications

Manuscripts should be prepared in English only on A4 size page and the text should be typed with double line spacing in Times New Roman with font size of 12 pts. For the Technical paper the length......



Year Vol. Issue Issue Issue Issue
2011 2 1 2 3 4
2012 3 1 2 3 4
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